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Custom service according to your specific demand

We also offer shipping plastic pallets in all standard pallet sizes, designed for every product or service imaginable. offering custom pallet solutions for moving, storing or displaying products at every point along your supply chain!

Our team is focused on developing excellent solutions for our customers seeking the right product to meet their specific needs. Our goal is to build win-win relationships with all our customers, big or small.

Plastic pallets protect your product during picking, assembly, processing, storage and distribution in a wide variety of industries including food and beverage, primary packaging, retail distribution, automotive, pharmaceutical, and many others.

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Manufacturering Equipment

Well-equipped with 22 sets 30ton-1600ton injection molding machine

MOQ as 300pcs, flash leadtime as 7-10 days

Plastic crates manufacturer equipment
Plastic crates manufacturer equipment

Plastic Pallets Manufacturer & Supplier

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Pallets intended for moderate reuse applications. Depending on the style of plastic pallet, some models are much lighter weight, and thus are easier to handle than wood pallets, plastic pallets that can be used for various industries and applications.

Plastic pallets are an economic, environmental and efficient alternative to wood pallets or skids.

Consider stackable plastic pallets when your typical product loads are very heavy, and you need to stack-load products in your warehouse operations.

These plastic pallets reduce storage and transportation costs. The consistent lightweight design facilitates handling and makes these plastic pallets optimal carriers for export.

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